Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are a wonderful aid in meditation.

Singing BowlsLess than 1% of the population claims to not derive a positive emotional response from music. It makes sense that you could use particular musical sounds to make a difference in how you feel and even experience a health benefit. At, we are excited to be able to offer high-quality singing bowls that correspond to chakras. If you are looking for an aid in meditation so you can rebalance yourself and your space, we are confident that one or more of our singing bowls will serve you well.

Each of our hammered singing bowls is associated with a specific chakra so you can choose which association speaks to you and your goals. For example, if you are looking for grounding, trust, security, connection with the physical body, connection to earth, or relationship with money, we recommend the hand hammered root chakra singing bowl. We also offer singing bowls for other chakras, including heart, third eye, solar plexus, crown, and sacral chakras. Each is well-described on our online boutique so that you can choose the one that best suits your objectives.

It is amazing to experience all that Himalayan brass singing bowls have to offer. The sound quality and lasting tone you can achieve with the included playing mallet are exceptional. They have been carefully crafted to achieve the perfect note that corresponds with a specific chakra, but all types can be useful during meditation and to rebalance your energy system as a whole. Every Himalayan singing bowl comes complete with striker and beautifully gift boxed. Reach out today with any questions that you might have about our singing bowls.

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