Raku Rattles

Raku rattles make a fun addition to your household or as a unique and cherished gift.

Raku RattlesOne of the first things that all new parents do is purchase a baby rattle for their child. Instinctively we know that a rattle makes a sound that is soothing to them and brings them pleasure. What you might not know is that a rattle can be just as enjoyable as an adult. At Whisperingtree.net, we offer unique Raku rattles from artist John Davis. These spirit rattles can be a great aid during meditation or you just enjoy them for the pure joy of music.

The use of Raku rattles is an ancient practice which Shamanic practitioners use for many purposes such as connecting to a spirit animal or symbol. For example, a dragonfly represents a graceful and mystical totem that can help you live and grow in times of transition and change. Perhaps one of our Raku rattles will speak to your spirit and bring you a sense of peace, strength, grounding, or another positive mindset.

Whether you desire Raku rattles for yourself or as unique gift for someone else, you’ll find that ours are truly special as each has unpredictable color patterns created by the raku firing process. They make excellent employee gifts, retirement gifts, wedding favors, and a gift for anyone who you want to surprise or help raise their spirits.

If you have questions about our John Davis Raku rattles or any of the other musical gifts we offer, such as handmade drums, singing bowls, and rin gongs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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