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Our handmade spirit drums come in a variety of animal totems.

Handmade Spirit Drums in TexasIf you have been looking for handmade and hand-painted shamanic frame spirit drums, you have come to the right place. At Whisperingtree.net, we work with a variety of artisans to be able to offer a variety of gifts, accessories, and unique musical gifts, including handmade spirit drums. These pieces are made with meticulous care from quality cow, buffalo, and moose hide by artisans right here in the USA.

Whether you choose a particular spirit drum because you feel attracted to a particular wild creature or because you have ascertained that one is your spirit animal, you can’t help but draw from the power that each animal is known for. Perhaps your need is to reach a higher spirituality through the soul-awakening eagle, find the right path with the help of the wolf that shares knowledge openly, or even find mastery within yourself as the dragonfly teaches you how to live and grow in times of transition and change. Whatever strength you are hoping to obtain through the use of handmade spirit drums, we are happy to help you choose the right one to aid in your journey.

Each of our handmade spirit drums lists the animal totem artist, drum artist, hide used, and what can be gained from the particular animal totem. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that you might have about these unique musical gifts or about other options, such as J. David raku rattles and singing bowls and rin gongs. We can also help you decide on the perfect gift for someone you care about in Texas.

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