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Our unique musical gifts are perfect for truly feeling music in a special way.

Unique Musical Gifts in Florida

If your love of music goes beyond having something to break the silence, you might be thinking along the lines of creating your own music. At Whisperingtree.net, we offer a unique option that bridges the gap between physical and spiritual. Our unique musical gifts are perfect for truly feeling music in a way that turning on the radio likely won’t accomplish.

Our sound boutique features handmade raku spirit rattles, rin gongs, singing bowls, and spirit drums that are beautiful and also produce truly unique music. Since each item is crafted by hand by artisans who are passionate about what they do, no two will be alike. If you are looking for unique musical gifts for people you care about or for yourself, you won’t find anything like our offerings in a retail store.

Our unique musical gifts are perfect for a Florida wedding, retirement gift, employee gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, holiday gift, or a “just because I care” gift. You don’t even have to be musically talented to enjoy them as the music emitted is soothing and ideal for meditation practices. Any of our unique musical gifts will also lend a beautiful touch to any room’s décor when put on display.

If you would like to know more about our unique musical gifts or you would like assistance in selecting one for yourself or someone you care about, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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At Whisperingtree.net, we offer handmade products, such as jewelry, unique musical gifts, and gifts for home, that bridge the gap between physical and spiritual.

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