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You can feel like royalty wearing our amethyst jewelry.

It is always amazing to see the beautiful colors within the world, especially those like amethyst, which is so captivating and vibrant. The purple color and its high durability make amethyst ideal for creating unique and beautiful jewelry. At, we are proud to offer various amethyst jewelry pieces that a recipient will treasure – assuming you can bear to part with it yourself!

Amethyst Jewelry in Massachusetts

In addition to the beauty of amethyst jewelry, there are other reasons a bracelet, pendant, necklace, or earrings make such a great gift. For one thing, amethysts are the birthstone for February. If you know someone with a February birthday, our amethyst jewelry is a thoughtful gift. It is also perfect for a 33rd anniversary gift.

Amethysts have been a part of many cultures throughout history, including being restricted to royalty for a long time. They have also been used in religious ceremonies and for medicinal purposes. The Greeks thought that amethysts could keep one from becoming intoxicated. Today’s uses are quite different. Amethyst jewelry, particularly necklaces that keep the gem near the heart, is believed to have a calming effect.

At one time, amethysts were highly treasured and expensive, but now that we know they are naturally abundant, they are not as costly. Anyone can enjoy the beauty of amethyst jewelry. You may not have to be a royal to own some, but you will feel like royalty as you travel throughout Massachusetts wearing one of our handcrafted, unique pieces. Reach out with any questions you might have about any of our jewelry and other items.

At, we offer amethyst jewelry to those in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge, Lowell, Brockton, Lynn, New Bedford, Quincy, and Fall River, Massachusetts.

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