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Cool bracelets can create a sense of connection and get you a ton of compliments!

Cool BraceletsIf you have ever wandered by a fine jewelry establishment in Florida and felt captivated by the cool bracelets they had on display, you are among those who understand how powerful it can be to feel a connection to a piece of jewelry. At, we know that it isn’t just engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings, and heirloom jewelry handed down from one generation to the next that can evoke strong emotions. The same can be accomplished with other types of jewelry, so we endeavor to offer as many options as possible that can have a deep meaning to you when you wear them or purchase them as gifts.

Among the options we offer are cool bracelets that are sure to gain the wearer plenty of compliments. Whether you go for some Kristin Ford jewelry for the deeper meaning imparted through the use of energetic stones, a totem symbol, quote or any other aspect that speaks to you and inspires you, we are confident that the handcrafted, unique and cool bracelets that we have to offer will be cherished pieces.

Our cool bracelets are made with love, many from artisans in the USA, so you can feel good about supporting artisans and the economy. We can ship them to you anywhere in the country, and since they are sent in a gift box, they are ready for gift giving if that is your intention. If you have any questions about our jewelry, or about our handbags, musical gifts, and gifts for the home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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At, we offer handmade products, such as jewelry, unique musical gifts, and gifts for home, that bridge the gap between physical and spiritual.

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