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Sacred prayer fans: what the heck do they do?

Sacred prayer fans are often associated with various Native American tribes, but are actually an ancient tradition that spans many cultures and nations. As one teacher of mine used to say, “Nobody owns the wind”, or as I like to say, “Gravity works the same here as on the other side of the world”, so it’s no surprise that so many came up with the same idea.

Sacred Prayer Fans

Most people are familiar with the use of sacred prayer fans in “smudging”/cleansing practices. This is where you burn an herb or incense and use the sacred prayer fan to “push” the smoke into all the corners of the room, or over the body of the person you are cleansing.

Another use of sacred prayer fans is when working the energy of either a person or a space. You can use the fan to smooth the energy, or to encourage whatever needs to leave to move along. Sacred prayer fans used in this way are very gentle, but very potent and effective.

A friend of mine, who’s a Wasco medicine man, also uses his fan to deliver blessings. At the end of the healing/blessing for the person, he taps the sacred prayer fan over each part of the body he is drawn towards, and delivers a blessing specific to that area. For example, he might tap the ears and say, “Your ears to hear sweet sounds”, and then he might tap the sacred prayer fan over the heart and say “Your heart for love and beauty.” It’s another very beautiful and effective way to use sacred prayer fans.

Whether you want to use a sacred prayer fan for energy work, ceremonial work, to carry prayers, or simply to hold space by being a beautiful part of your home, they are wonderful, powerful and gentle partners. Our sacred prayer fans are handcrafted by artisans who put passion into everything they do. Even better, each sacred prayer fan is handmade, and just as no two feathers are alike, so is every fan unique.

Sacred prayer fans are a great partner for you, or as a very special gift for someone in your life. Reach out today with any questions that you might have about our sacred prayer fans or other unique items that are perfect for yourself and gift-giving.

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