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Our garden plaques make a great gift for someone you know who takes pleasure in their garden.

Garden Plaques

We all think of decorating the inside of our houses, but sometimes we don’t think about the outside. There’s no reason not to add a few embellishments to your outdoor spaces. A garden area is a joy in so many ways, from sheer beauty to providing food and herbs, why not add garden plaques and take it to a new level? At, we offer handcrafted options that will show your guests that you are passionate about your garden and proud of what you have created there.

Our garden plaques also make a great gift for someone you know who takes pleasure in their garden. You’ll be able to show your support and appreciation for what they have accomplished. Not only is creating a garden area a labor of love, but so are the garden plaques you can use to embellish them. Our selection of home and garden plaques are crafted by Michael Macone, his wife, sons, and son-in-law. Their passion shines through on the wonderful and joyful artistic pieces they create.

The garden plaques are well-crafted to provide a burst of color and a heartfelt message for many years to come. The perfect balance of beauty, whimsicality, and durability will make them a wonderful addition to any outdoor space and make it the serene and spiritual place that everyone loves to spend time in. Reach out today if you have any questions about our garden plaques or the many other offerings in our boutique.

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